Institute for Photography in Scotland

IPS Season of Photography 2016



Ross Fraser McLean


28 Oct - 23 Nov

'Ceiba' is the result of photographer Ross Fraser McLean’s research of Mexican culture. In contrast to most other cultures they embrace death as part of life, annually coming together to remember the dead, to pay homage to loved ones departed, and to elaborately celebrate Dia de los Muertos, translated as Day of the Dead, affirming their belief in the afterlife and easing grief.

The exhibition which mixes photography with installation and sculpture, is an allegory for Mexico’s tumultuous history, the complexities of contemporary society and faith, mirroring the countries blend of Western, European and pre-Hispanic influences.

'Ceiba' is part of the 'Festival of Ian Smith and Friends - A Celebration of Death', which is supported by the National Lottery through Creative Scotland.


Summerhall Place
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IPS SoP 2016
CEIBA (Capilla de Jesús Malverde, 2016) photograph © Ross Fraser McLean